Information about Bokeh



With more than 5 years experience in Adobe Photoshop, ranging from CS2 to CS5, a keen eye for detail and artistic composition, we are prepared to give your images the touch-up they need, bringing them to the level you want them to be.

We use Adobe Production Suite CS5 along with NEC monitors calibrated with Eye One Display2; for the retouching itself we use Wacom Intuos4 pen tablets because delicate works requires delicate tools.

Our workflow is color managed and calibrated; we also offer organizing and metadata services if needed along with file upload to servers or stock agencies.


Our services in photography are available in the areas of architecture, product, books, portfolios and fac-simile reproduction of documents.

We use Bowens flash heads, Canon 7d, an array of lenses that covers all your needs, Tronix battery packs for on-location productions and we also have a FujiGX-680III, medium-format technical camera for demanding jobs needing big output sizes.

The production of your images from scratch up to the final file, prepared for web or print, are assured with us.


We are based in Lisbon but we work for many clients around the globe. We have a fast reliable internet connection and we are used to FTP’s, Dropbox, Wetransfer and other ways of exchanging files.


We work by hour or per image, accordingly to the type of project. If you need image retouching or a photographic service please contact us through the form in Contact or through and we will provide you with a budget.


· Canon 7d
· Fuji GX680III
· NEC MultiSync P2221w Monitors
· Wacom Intuos 4 Tablets
· EyeOne Display2 Calibrator
· Adobe Production Suite CS5
· An array of lenses that can be extended virtually to any specific lens through rental
· Follow Focus
· Bowens 500C flash heads
· Tronix Battery pack
· Laptop for on-location work and desktops for editing


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