Ultimate Square-Head

Ultima Square HeadThis photograph was made in Santa Maria dos Olivais church, in Tomar. It’s a plain church, without much glamor, but full of symbolism. It was the main church of the Order of the Templars in Portugal (or so it is said officially). Tomar was the last place in Europe where the order of the Temple was, after their persecution in France and remaining Europe they settled in Portugal and changed their name to “Ordem de Cristo” (Order of Christ). The Order of Christ was religious and military and deeply influenced the role of Portugal in the world, it was behind the Portuguese age of Discovery, which can be said to be the beginning of true world-wide globalization. There’s tombs of some of the Masters of the Temple, a window with a pentagram and some other interesting symbolism. And there’s this skull.

(image copyright Micael Nussbaumer, 2011, Tomar, Portugal)


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