Untitled (abstract)

IMG_7357Sometimes I depart from the frenetic necessity that photography has to capture and show reality (real concrete things I mean, even if totally photoshopped) and I dive into a more abstract framework.

I enjoy most of photography, from analog B&W, to diapositives, digital, alternative processes, as well as different styles and approaches to the act of photographing.

I work with several mediums for my own personal work and I really like it that way, I’ve never been a purist nor anything of sorts. After all, the reality we experience could be said to be just a huge construction of points of view, or in other words, just a convention in a general level and a big construction (through the immanent subjectivity of being conscious) in a personal level. Sometimes I like to break free from all of this and I do it by exploring abstractions.

(image copyright Micael Nussbaumer, 2009, Portugal)


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