Winter days

_MG_1642_MG_1653_MG_1656These images were all made on the first days after I arrived at Padova (north Italy) last February. As you can see it was snowy and very cold, but the city was very beautiful covered in this calm white.

The top one was the view from my room in Arcella neighborhood , the other two were in the Giardini Dell’Arena (Arena Gardens), a central park near La Capella Scrovegni (famous for its Giotto paintings). In this park/gardens you could find stolen bicycles for sale, from 15€ to 30€, usually pretty cool ones, which is something very common in Italy. If you don’t lock your bike or if you put the chain around a small post (you would be amazed at how many people do that) it will probably get stolen. I got mine from my landlord (borrowed for the 3 months I stayed there) and it never got stolen (but it did carry me a little bit drunk many nights).

I used to go out to job on it everyday and also when I went out at night, because from “my” house to the city center was about 40min on foot and 15 on bike. I had my public transport pass but I seldom used it.

It’s a nice city, with lots of things to see, a big student community (which made it very cool to hang out at night and meet different people) and it’s perfect in size, not too big, not too small, you can get to know it easily if you have a bicycle and some days to enjoy on yourself.

One thing that I got to understand later was that even though people were friendly and personable, in the North of Italy they’re closer to Germanic mentality than what I would expect and as southern you go, they are much more like the usual stereotypes of the Italian.

Wish you all a great week

(copyright – Micael Nussbaumer – Padova, Italy – 2012)



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